Terms of use

Username policy

Site Users should choose a neutral username with which they will be happy or use their own name. Usernames can be changed if necessary, but they cannot be deleted. Site users are prohibited from choosing a username which contains vulgarities or, given the international scope of the project, any other word or term in any language that would be considered inappropriate in a professional setting. ECUUS requires a First Name, Last Name, valid email address and password to set up an account.

Online Forum Policy

By registering and participating in discussions, you agree to the following policy:

You are responsible for your behavior and conduct. 
While the Editorial Board and Staff of the forums will attempt to remove or edit any generally objectionable material as quickly as possible where acceptable, it is impossible to review every message. Therefore you acknowledge that all posts made to these forums express the views and opinions of the author and not those of the Editorial Board or Staff (except for posts by these people) and hence will not be held liable.

You agree not to post any abusive, obscene, vulgar, slanderous, hateful, threatening, sexually-oriented or any other material that may violate any applicable laws. Doing so may lead to you being banned from the site. 

If the user continues to break policy the said user’s account will be reviewed by the Editorial Board, and may be banned from the site entirely. It is at the sole discretion of the Editorial Board to change the status of or ban violating accounts. You agree that the Editorial Board have the right to remove, edit, move or close any topic or post at any time should they see fit under the guidelines specified in the Forum Code of Conduct. You agree that the Editorial Board have the right to censor any forum user, with or without warning, who is in violation of forum policy.

The Editorial Board and Staff are assigned the task of upholding the following regulations and Code of Conduct. These rules are subject to change without notice, and it is recommended that you periodically review this document from time to time in order to keep current. You, as a user of this website, maintain full liability for your actions on this website and we reserve the right to terminate your account at any time and for any reason without notice. The site has the right to take down anyone’s content and account at any time.

Forum Code Of Conduct

Editorial Board

Members of the Editorial Board are expected to act as role models within the community, and a good general standard of civility, fairness, and general conduct both to site users and in content matters, is expected. When acting as Board members, they are also expected to be fair, exercise good judgment, and give explanations and be communicative as necessary.


The Editorial Board provides a service to keep the forum running efficiently. They will occasionally ask for input and feedback from users, but in some cases they will not, and their decisions are to be respected. The Editorial Board moderates content in forum posts where they see necessary to uphold forum conduct rules or to correct mistakes, and try our best to maintain the original purpose and meaning of the post. The Editorial Board encourages upholding “The Golden Rule” whereby everyone is treated with respect and enjoys their time on the site and being part of our community. We encourage and promote discussion that is insightful, solution-oriented, open, honest, factual, and constructive.


Mild profanity is allowed in the context of general speech. As an example: a student posting that something is “kick-ass” should be acceptable within reason given the audience. Explicit profanity/swearing as well as vulgar language is not allowed, and under no circumstances will the Editorial Board allow any profanity to be directed toward another person. Do not write posts in all uppercase letters, as it looks as if you are screaming at the people reading your post. Typos and other errors can cause miscommunication between users on the forums, please preview your text before posting. Please keep in mind that as this project is international in scope, there will be some members whose first language is not English or French; consideration should be given as to the clarity of the language used in posts.

Adult Content/Violence/Illegal Activity/Images:

Pornographic images, or images containing illegal, inappropriate or images that are otherwise not consistent with the overall goals of the site are not permitted under any circumstances. Messages containing sexually oriented/violent/illegal dialog, images, content, or links to such will be deleted. Messages with links to or suggesting illegal activity will also be deleted

Bashing, Flaming And Condescending Messages:

Bashing and Flaming refers to purposeful instigation of content for the purpose of harrassment and is strictly forbidden on this site. Messages personally attacking, calling names, or otherwise harassing or being condescending to another forum member or any ethnic or religious group will be removed. Messages containing embarrassing, confrontational, objectionable, libel, slander, vilification, defamation, and/or smear campaigns will also be removed and/or subject to moderation. Also, posting information that is known to be false is prohibited and will be subject for moderation.

Spamming & Advertising:

Spamming or posting solicitous content is strictly forbidden anywhere on the site. If a thread is spam it will be removed. Advertising or posting in the forums with the blatant intent to promote other website(s), services, or products is strictly prohibited. Links in posts which are not relevant to the topic, or found to be ‘spamming’ or ‘advertising’ will be removed and the author of the post warned and/or banned, at the discretion of the Editorial Board.

Multiple Accounts

Do not use multiple accounts to create the illusion of greater support for an issue, to mislead others, or to circumvent a block. Do not ask your friends to create accounts to support you or anyone.

Thread Drifting/Steering:

Please keep discussions on topic. It is crucial to keep content clear and concise. It is recommended that if you have a different or similar topic that you would like to raise, a new thread is started (one may link to that thread from the old one to direct users who would like to discuss your new topic).

Posting Private Conversations:

It is unacceptable and totally inappropriate to post a private message (PM) exchange between two people. Posting private messages without the permission of the author is almost universally considered extremely poor etiquette. Flagrant abuses of this policy could lead to a ban from the site. Members are encouraged to directly email other members for private discussions.


Remember that these forums are inclusive of ALL people, and we strive to maintain accessibility to everyone. Discriminatory language of any type is not tolerated on this site and may result in a permanent forum ban.

Code of Conduct for Editable Content (“Wikis”)


Intentional or unintentional rudeness or insensitivity can distract from and interfere with the purpose of the Site. Dispute resolution forums will be made available when civil, reasoned discussion breaks down. Consensus is our only tool for resolving content disputes, and our main tool for resolving all other disputes.

Editing policy

Improve pages wherever you can and have appropriate permissions to do so. It is advisable to explain major changes. If someone challenges your edits, discuss it with them and seek a compromise, or seek dispute resolution. Although you retain some rights under the website’s copyright provisions, pages that you create and edit belong to the community. Other members are able to edit “your” material.

No personal attacks

Do not make personal attacks anywhere on the site. Comment on the content, not on the contributor. Do not stop other editors from enjoying the website by making threats, nitpicking good-faith edits to different articles, repeated annoying and unwanted contacts, repeated personal attacks or posting personal information. Personal attacks damage the community and deter participation.

Enforcement of Website Policy and Code of Conduct

Banning policy

Extremely disruptive individuals may be banned from the website. Please respect these bans. Bans can be appealed through the Editorial Board and the Core Team. 

Blocking policy

Disruptive individuals can be blocked from editing or participating on the site.

Page and Interactive Area protection policy

Vandalism of any kind on the site is strictly prohibited. Pages can be protected against vandals or during fierce content disputes. Protected pages can, but in general should not, be edited by members of the Editorial Board. In addition, pages undergoing frequent vandalism can be semi-protected to block edits by very new or unregistered editors. Disruptive behavior should be reported to Staff.

Content Guidelines

Article titles

The ideal title for an article is recognizable to English speakers, easy to search, precise, concise, and consistent with other titles.

Copyright violations

Do not add content if you think that doing so may be a copyright violation. Contributors should take steps to remove any copyright violations that they find.

Appropriate tone

Everything that our readers can see, including templates, categories and portals, should be written from a measured and appropriate tone.


Articles should cite sources whenever possible. While we cannot check the accuracy of cited sources, we can check whether they have been published by a reputable publication and whether independent sources have supported them on review. Any unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Articles about living persons, which require a degree of sensitivity, must adhere strictly to content policies. Be very firm about high-quality references, particularly about details of personal lives.